Inspiring Nonprofit Boards and Executives…One Mission at a Time.

Nonprofit missions make this world a better place. Staff, board members, volunteers and donors give generously to them "for love of the mission(s)". My extensive career has taught me, however, how easily an organization can be distracted from its mission - and how essential it is to find and keep the focus. It starts at the top, with fundamentals…and I can help create them.

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What clients say
Susan’s role as interim executive director gave me a clear perspective on the needs and opportunities within the organization and enabled me to quickly assess and act upon true priorities. Although I had been in numerous leadership roles, I had not reported to a board of directors, which is a very unique relationship. Susan helped me understand my leadership role in this context and helped us learn to work together effectively in our clearly identified roles. Susan has an established record of leadership and mentoring within the nonprofit sector and I would highly recommend Susan’s services to all nonprofits wanting to advance their missions.
Chris Johnson, Executive Director / F-M Rape and Abuse Crisis Center
What clients say
Susan’s charisma as a leader radiates from her personality when you first meet her. Our board quickly found confidence in her deep well of knowledge and experience. As interim executive director, she facilitated a seamless leadership transition while simultaneously guiding our board from an operational model to a governance model. Employees at the Center found her to be decisive and approachable. Both in personality and in practice, Susan exemplifies a true executive director.
Ryan J. Younggren, President, Board of Directors / Rape and Abuse Crisis Center
What clients say
As a nonprofit executive, I firmly believe that the success of a nonprofit organization depends on how well the board of directors functions and the relationship between its board and the executive director. Susan took the Homeward Animal Shelter board of directors to a new level by providing them the tools to be the “governing body” of our organization, to chart the course of the organization into the future, and enable and empower me to handle the operations with my staff. Furthermore, thanks to Susan’s mentoring and coaching, I am becoming the leader I am proud of; the visionary leader my organization and my team needs me to be. If you want to build your organization’s future on a foundation of long lasting success, I strongly urge you to work with Susan. Your organization will thank you for it.
Nukhet Hendricks, Executive Director / Homeward Animal Shelter