Do You Need Me?

Susan J Fuglie ConsultingTake This Self Evaluation

Recognizing that an organization could use some improvements in board and executive functions or relationships isn’t always easy. This simple questionnaire may provide further insights. I invite you to take several minutes to complete it – and several more minutes to really think about these questions.

Ask yourself these questions

• Does the board have clearly defined roles and responsibilities? Yes___ No___

• Do basic board policies help guide the board’s work? Yes___ No___

• Do the agendas promote lively discussion at the meetings? Yes___ No___

• Are board meeting agendas focused mostly on the future of the organization? Yes___ No___

• Is board attendance consistently good? Yes___ No___

• Is organizational performance measurement routine and consistent? Yes___ No___

• Does the organization receive financial support from all board members? Yes___ No___

• Are special events well attended by board members? Yes___ No___

• Does all direction to the executive director come from the board as a whole? Yes___ No___

• Does the board leave operational decisions to the executive director? Yes___ No___

• Is most of the board’s work done in the board meetings instead of committees? Yes___ No___


If you answered “no” to three or more of these questions, there may be opportunity for your board’s and executive’s work to become easier, more satisfying and more beneficial to the mission of the organization.

Let’s talk. I can help.